Prospective Undergraduates

FAQ (University Financial Assistance)

General Information
I have financial difficulties in paying my tuition fee, could I apply for the University Financial Assistance (UFA)?

The scheme is applicable for local students only. Full-time local students, registered in UGC funded course, who have encountered special financial difficulties or anticipated that their financial needs could not be adequately met by the Government Schemes are eligible to apply for University Financial Assistance (UFA).

The UFA scheme aims to serve as a supplementary financial support to the HKSAR Government Financial Assistance Schemes. Local students encountering financial hardship are encouraged to apply for the Government Schemes FIRST which are the major source of financial assistance.

Why non-local students are not given the chance to apply for the UFA?

For non-local students, though scholarships can be one of the sources of financial assistance, they should ensure that the tuition fee and living expenses can be adequately supported before accepting the offer to study in this University. If they encounter unexpected financial difficulties after taking up studies in the University, they can approach SFAO for assistance as appropriate.

When can I apply for the UFA?

There are two rounds of exercise each year.  The Fall Term exercise is around mid-August to late September while the Spring Term exercise is around mid-January to mid-February. Students who have not applied for UFA in the Fall Term or have encountered significant financial difficulties after September may consider to apply for UFA in the Spring Term.

My family has faced sudden financial difficulties and could no longer provide financial support to me. The application for both the Fall and Spring Semester Exercise are closed. What should I do?

Students with sudden change of family condition and have urgent financial needs could complete the UFA application form and make an interview appointment with SFAO any time of the year to apply for Emergency Financial Assistance. We shall consider your application on a case-by-case basis.


What kind of assistance and how much would be offered?

Upon means-tested review on their family financial circumstances, successful applicants would receive bursary and/or non-interest loan. The amount of assistance, in the form of bursary and/or non-interest loan, would depend on the individual’s family financial condition.

Application Forms
What kind of documents would I need to submit together with the application form for UFA?

Completed UFA application form should be submitted together with a copy of the applicant’s latest Government Grant & Loan (TSFS) application form. If you have not applied for the Government Grant/Loan (TSFS), you are required to submit copies of your parents’ and your bank statements for the previous financial year, as well as documentary proofs of your parents’ income, investment (such as shares, warrants, bonds and funds) and insurance policy (savings/investment-linked insurance policy with cash value and dividends) and assets.

Do I need to submit the supporting documents if I have submitted the application form with the copy of the Government Grant & Loan (TSFS)?

No. However, documentary proofs of insurance policy (savings/investment-linked insurance policy with cash value and dividends), which are held by you or your parents, are required. The policy value/dividend amount at the end date of the previous financial year would be counted as family assets.

My parents are doing part-time job without any salary proof. What could I do?

For casual workers, persons occupied in short-term employment, hawkers, self-employed persons or proprietors, applicants may prepare a Self-prepared Income Breakdown/ Profit and loss Account.  Samples can be referred to the Appendices of the Guidance Notes on the web page of Student Finance Office (SFO). Bank statements that show persistent record of salary payment as documentary proofs are also accepted.

My father was unemployed last year. We have no income proof. What should I do?

You should state the period of and reason for your father’s unemployment in the “Reasons for Application Section” in the application form.

I have a summer job before entry to the university. Would the salary be counted towards my family income?

No, your income of summer job would not be counted towards the family income.

Announcement of Result and Payment
When would the result be released?

Usually, applicants will be notified the results by email within 2-3 months after application deadline.

When and how could I receive the payment of bursary/loan?

The payment of bursary/loan will be disbursed to you normally within November to March.  You will be notified by email when the payment is ready. The payment of bursary/loan would be paid directly into your bank account listed on Student Information System (SIS).