The University has various insurance plans for students of different status including local students, non-local degree seeking students, exchange-in/visiting/Short Program students, exchange-out students and students taking part in student activities/internships.  These insurance plans provide protection for illness, accidents and travel, depending on the status of students. 


Generally speaking, the coverage of various insurance plans includes medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, hospitalization benefits, death benefits, personal liability etc.  Students are asked to subscribe to these insurance plans according to their status in the University. 


All students are covered by the Group Personal Accident Insurance for any accident loss sustained while participating in activities organized or arranged by the University.  For exchange out students, exchange-in/visiting/short program students or students taking part in student activities/internship abroad, they are required to subscribe to different types of travel insurance plans.   As for non-local full-time degree seeking students, they are required to subscribe to a compulsory insurance plan covering hospital & surgical benefits, outpatient benefits and extended accidental medical benefits.  Therefore, if students have change in their status, such as from local to non-local, they should consult the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office for making necessary arrangement.



Insurance Schemes for All Students

Insurance Schemes for Local Students

Insurance Schemes for Non-local Students