Financial Aid

To ensure students would not be deprived of the right to receive education due to financial problems, students could apply financial aid through different financial assistance schemes.


Full time local students taking UGC-funded courses are eligible to apply for the Government Financial Assistance Schemes if they have problems in meeting their tuition fee or living expenses for their university education. There are means-tested and non-means tested financial schemes applicable for needy students to apply. The financial assistance would be in the form of grants and/or low interest loans.


The University Financial Assistance (UFA) is also available for local students if they encounter financial hardship. The level of assistance offered to successful applicants is determined by their family’s financial circumstances. This is a supplementary scheme to the Government Financial Assistance Schemes and students are encouraged to apply for the Government Schemes first, which are the major source of financial assistance.


Students who encounter financial hardship due to sudden change in family financial circumstances, unforeseen financial emergencies and catastrophic events that may disrupt their education, could approach SFAO to apply for the Emergency Financial Assistance any time during the year.


Further information about Financial Assistance