Insurance for Student Activities

Students joining student activities sponsored/ organized by Departments/ Program Offices/ or other student organizations should consult the Departments/ Program Offices/ other student organizations concerned for arranging appropriate insurance.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

  • The Group Personal Accident Insurance covers full-time and part-time students against accidental death, disablement as well as accidental medical expenses arising from the activities organized by the University and student organizations within or outside Hong Kong.  Activities on weekends and/or during study leave or vacations or summer holidays are covered.  Student event organizers are advised to arrange appropriate insurance for non-student participants of their activities.

  • The Group Personal Accident Insurance does not cover students engaged in professional sports through which they could earn income or remuneration.

  • Student event organizers are advised to alert students that drugs are illegal and prohibited. Drinking is not encouraged in student activities and forbidden in Student Amenities Facilities and Student Halls.

  • Should there be any accidents, the students concerned should report to the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office and complete the claim form with official chop of the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office and submitted to the insurance company by post with all original medical expenses receipts within 30 days from the day of occurrence. For details of the Group Personal Accident Insurance, please click here.

Public Liability Insurance

  • The Public Liability Insurance indemnifies students against legal liability to third parties in respect of accidental bodily injury and/or accidental property damage in connection with the business activities of HKUST including activities organized or arranged by HKUST and/or students organizations within or outside Hong Kong.

  • When an accident occurs, the student(s) concerned are advised to
    - take photos and preserve the scene as far as practicable and record the relevant details
    - gather witness’s information if any
    - report the accident to relevant university offices such as the Security Office, Schools, Student Housing Office, etc. as soon as possible
    - avoid entering into negotiation especially in regard to the scope of compensation with the third party on behalf of the university
    - complete the Incident/Accident Report Form for Student Activity with the relevant details (including photos if any) and forward it to the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office (SFAO) for further reporting to the insurance company. [This is necessary even if the third party alleges that no claim is made on the spot as the third party is allowed to make the claim in three years.]

Insurance for Non-HKUST Persons/ Activities Participants

Student event organizers should consider arranging additional/appropriate insurance protection for activities participants (including students and/or non HKUST persons such as Orientation Camp Helpers, invited guests or working team members) if the Group Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance are deemed inadequate or inappropriate to provide insurance protection required. It should be ensured that insurance be arranged by activities participants themselves or student event organizers. For further information, please contact Office of the Dean of Students(  or Departments/ Program Offices concerned.