Current Undergraduates

Travel Insurance for Exchange-in/ Visiting/ Short Program Students

The University policy stipulates that all non-local students must have insurance coverage during their study at HKUST. Students in Exchange/ Visiting Studies, Visiting Internships or other Short Term Programs are required to subscribe to the HKUST Compulsory Travel Insurance Plan.


Undergraduate Exchange-in Students

The Office of Global Learning will provide you with further information. For enquiries, please contact the Office of Global Learning (

Undergraduate Visiting / Visiting Internship Students & Postgraduate Exchange-in / Visiting / Visiting Internship Students

Undergraduate visiting / visiting internship students and postgraduate exchange-in / visiting / visiting internship students are required, on compulsory basis, to subscribe the HKUST Compulsory Travel Insurance Plan.


Please subscribe directly to AIG Insurance HK Ltd (click here for application form) at least two weeks before the commencement date of the exchange / visiting period or at least two weeks before departure to Hong Kong, whichever is earlier. A copy of the admission offer letter should be attached with the insurance application form. For enquiries on the insurance plan, please contact AIG Insurance HK Ltd (


Note: For students who have difficulties in settling insurance premium payment by credit card, please indicate and request Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payment instructions when sending the application form to AIG Insurance HK Ltd.


Please click here for the coverage of 2024/25 HKUST Compulsory Travel Insurance Plan.



Points to Note

According to the insurance plan, planned trips to other places when a student makes his/her first journey to Hong Kong from the place of departure will not be covered.  Students should arrange their own travel insurance to cover these trips before leaving their home country. But after a student has arrived in Hong Kong and makes further multiple leisure trips outside Hong Kong or trips to the Country of Departure will be covered during the insured period. 


Students who arrive earlier than the insurance effective date and/or staying beyond the insurance effective period shall not be covered.  Students should arrange their own insurance to cover the relevant dates.


The insurance plan will terminate once a student terminates his/her study in HKUST and returns to the home country during the insured period. 



Claim Procedures

For students under the cover by AIG Insurance HK Ltd, please click here to download the claim form. The claim form and supporting documents should be returned to “AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited, Claims Department, 7/F, One Island East, 18 Westlands Road, Island East, Hong Kong” by post within 30 days after the occurrence.  To fast-track the claim, students may send the completed claim form by email to or submit the claim online via AIG's Travel e-Claims first, before mailing the claim and supporting documents to AIG. For enquiries, please contact AIG Insurance HK Ltd at (852) 3666 7090 or email: