Current Undergraduates

Voluntary Medical Insurance Plan for Local Students

While full-time students can enjoy FREE general consultation services and medications at the campus clinic, they might need other medical services such as specialist consultations/ hospitalization in some circumstances. The University has an optional medical insurance plan for registered full-time local students to join on a voluntary basis.




Please click here for the insurance coverage.



In general, the policy can only cover medical expenses which are medically necessary, i.e. general check-up is not covered. Eligibility of claim shall be subject to claim document received and final assessment by the insurer.



Treatment related to Congenital Conditions or Developmental Conditions or disease of similar kind are not covered.



General Consultation is not covered by the Policy. (Note: Full-time students can enjoy FREE general consultation services and medications at the campus clinic by presenting their student ID cards.)



The Policy does not include Dental Benefits.


Insurance Premium

Registered full-time local students can join the Medical Insurance Plan in Fall Semester or Spring Semester (for students admitted in Spring semester only). The insurance fees for students who join the Plan in 2023/24 as new members are as follows,



HK$417.15 for joining in 2023/24 Fall Semester


- covers a 10-month period from 1 September 2023 to 30 June 2024.




HK$206.51 for joining in 2023/24 Spring Semester


- covers a 5-month period from 1 February 2024 to 30 June 2024.



*Fees paid are non-refundable




Students enroling the Plan in 2023/24 Fall should submit the enrolment form by 29 September 2023. Late enrolment would not be accepted. Students who missed the enrolment deadline would need to join the Plan, where eligible, in the next policy year in 2024/25 Fall.



Students who are admitted in 2023/24 Spring and would like to enrol the Plan in 2023/24 Spring should enrol by 29 February 2024. Students who have recently changed their student statuses to full-time local students or who return from study leave in Spring semester would also be eligible.


(Note: Enrolment for 2023/24 is now ended. Students who missed the enrolment deadlines would need to join the Plan, where eligible, in the next policy year in 2024/25 Fall.)




Claim Procedure


To submit a claim, please complete the hospitalization & surgical claim form / the outpatient claim form and attach the original medical bills and a copy of the referral letter (if applicable) with your claim form. The claim has to be submitted to the insurance company directly within 90 days after discharge from hospital/ clinical visit.


For outpatient claims, if the claim amount does not exceed HK$3,000, claimant can choose to submit their claims online through Blue Cross's e-platform, Super Care (under "EasyClaim Service" Outpatient Claims Submission) by simply uploading the scanned copies or photos of medical receipts. 



If the insured student is holding another insurance policy and the incurred medical expenses could not be fully reimbursed by the other policy, he/she may claim for the balance from this policy by providing original receipts and proof of claim payment from the other insurance policy.



For enquiries related to coverage/ claim eligibility, please consult the insurer (Blue Cross) directly by calling their service hotline: 3608 2988. Please refer to your insurance certificate for your Policy number and Insured number.