Current Undergraduates

University's Travel Insurance Plan



Students who take part in the exchange programs of Schools and Departments.



Students who take part in activities or internships organized and arranged by the University outside Hong Kong.



If both your place of departure and return are outside Hong Kong, you are NOT eligible to join this insurance plan. Please see "Place of Departure/Return" under "Coverage" for details.




The Plan covers your journeys between Hong Kong and the Destination Country of your exchange study, as well as your traveling WITHIN the Destination Country.



Traveling to Other Places during Outbound/Inbound Journeys

  • You may arrange your own travel insurance if you wish to travel to other countries enroute to the Destination Country or during your return journey from exchange study.


Traveling Outside the Destination Country

  • You may buy travel insurance at your place of exchange study if you wish to travel to other countries outside the Destination Country during your exchange study.


Place of Departure/Return

  • Hong Kong must be either a place of departure or return, if not both.
  • If both your place of departure and return are outside Hong Kong, you are NOT eligible to join this insurance scheme. You MUST arrange your own travel insurance for your exchange study.
  • Non-local students may depart directly from your home country for your exchange study, but you MUST return to Hong Kong, vice versa, if your departure was originally from Hong Kong, you may choose to return directly to your home country at the end of your exchange study.
  • As the insurance company will request proof for your place of departure and return when you submit an insurance claim, please keep your air tickets.


The period of travel should not exceed 200 days.



Please click here for details of the insurance coverage.


Insurance Certificate


If you need insurance proof for visa application, please complete the form and submit via SFAO by email to . Kindly expect to receive the insurance certificate in around a week.


Insurance Claim


Please click here to download the Claim Form. You must keep your air tickets and receipts as supporting documents for insurance claim.



Claim materials must be sent to the insurance company as soon as possible within 90 days from the date of occurrence. The Claim Form should first be submitted to Scholarships & Financial Aid Office for endorsement. Please send the claim by email to for endorsement first if you have to submit your claim during overseas exchange.



For emergency assistance related to travel insurance, you may call Zurich 24-hour emergency assistance hotline at: (852) 2886 3977.