University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship for 2023/24

We are pleased to inform you that the University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship for 2023/24, offered by the University of Bristol Alumni Association - Hong Kong Branch, is now open for applications till 20 March 2023 (Monday)


The Scholarship aims to support a suitably qualified student from Hong Kong going to Bristol for post-graduate studies in the academic year commencing in September 2023. The Scholarship will be awarded to eligible students on grounds of proven or potential academic excellence, and the contribution which he or she is likely to make to Hong Kong on their return. 


The Scholarship will be available in conjunction with a postgraduate Master’s degree programme in any field of study with maximum programme length of two years, and is intended to assist with tuition fees payable to the University, up to a maximum of £15,000 per programme.


For two-year Master’s degree programmes, only fresh applications will be considered. Applications from current students of two-year Master’s degree programmes will NOT be accepted. The scholarship will be conditional on the completion of the first-year of study, if the candidate is accepted for a two-year Master’s degree programme, and the payment will be made after the submission of provisional transcript as a proof of completion.


Further information about the Scholarship may be obtained by visiting the website of the University of Bristol Alumni Association at, or contacting Dr. Raymond YUEN, Chairperson, University of Bristol Alumni Association, Hong Kong Branch on . The completed scholarship application Form 2 should be submitted electronically via by 20 March 2023 (Monday).