AIA Scholarships Virtual Awards Ceremony 2021

Date:7 April 2021 (Wed)

AIA granted its first 100 scholarships to university students in Hong Kong in a virtual ceremony. Edmund Tse, AIA Group Board Chairman and Director of the AIA Foundation, and Lee Yuan Siong, AIA Group Chief Executive and President, offered their congratulations at the event.


The AIA Scholarships programme is a landmark programme launched in 2020, when AIA pledged US$100 million to support 100 undergraduates every year to attend universities in Hong Kong over the next several decades. The programme is run by AIA Foundation in close collaboration with ten partner universities.


AIA believes that education is a powerful enabler towards leading Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, empowering people to improve their circumstances and fulfil their dreams.


This year, 13 HKUST students are being awarded scholarships under the AIA Scholarships Programme. Please join us in extending our warmest contragratulations to the new awardees of the Award!


Below please find the links to the social media posts and the updated AIA Scholarships website, which contains a hyperlink to watch the event replay. 


Social media posts


AIA Scholarships website